When asked about things that annoy them, most women have a variety of things that they feel irritated about. Is it any wonder that one of the biggest things, though, is having to shave their legs, underarms, and other areas? They feel that it takes them too long to get it done and admit that it is something they feel they must do at least every other day. If they have hair in areas that they are not supposed to, such as the face, they feel the need to shave even more often and feel more self-conscious because of their very own 5 o’clock shadows. Are you tired of it? Are you ready to ditch your razor? Read on to discover your options and how they may work for you.

Hair Removal Creams

Some women have a lot of success with hair removal creams. However, for most women, it is not an effective option. The woman who is able to use it, will be light haired and their hair will need to be thinner than normal. If you meet these requirements, you will simply need to put cream on, let it sit on a wall dildo, and wash hair away. If it doesn’t, you may end up with some hair being gone, while others remain and then you may not be able to shave for a little while, especially if it causes you skin irritation.

If your hair growth issues truly bother you or you have hair that is thick and dark, you may also be able to talk to your doctor. There are prescription hair removal creams that may be more able to help you get rid of the hair.


This is a cheap alternative to shaving. To do it, you simply let your hair grow out a little more than you normally would, warm up the wax, put on a layer of it over the area you want to remove your hair from, and apply a strip to it. From there, you have to yank the paper off after it has cooled. Pull it off in the opposite way of how hair grows in that area and it will take the hair off, roots and all.

The good news is, with this method, you may see a hair free you for three to six weeks after doing it. The downside is that many women do not like doing it because it can be painful. Some women say that after you do it a few times, you will not feel pain after you have done it a few times, but many do not want to get through the painful times.


This is not a fun way to remove hair. It is time consuming and you most likely will not want to do it over large areas of your body. To do it, simply grab the tweezers. You also have the option to go to a skilled practitioner and have something done called, “threading”. It is the same thing as plucking, but it is done by using thread, which is looped around the unwanted hair.

There are also devices that have a lot of tiny tweezers in them. As you move the device over your legs, underarms, face, and other areas, it will grab the hair and pluck it automatically. It does sting a little, but it is faster than plucking one-by-one.