Upcoming Camera Launch Dates

Nikon cameraThere are new camera releases each year. Some of them are done at stores where they will be sold and others will be held in convention centers all around the world. If there is a camera launch that you are interested in attending; you should register in advance to ensure that you have a seat available on the big day. To learn more, you should check out the new camera launches for 2017 and find out if there is one that may be held in your general area.

Upcoming Launch Dates

There are several highly-anticipated launches coming up this year. For instance, in March, a camera from Panasonic will be released. It is a newer version of the camera Lumix, which many people enjoy using. The newest version available, the GH5, is rumored to be fantastic at both videos and photography. It also allows you to edit photos as you take them.

canon cameraNikon is also set to release a camera this year, but there is very little information available about specific dates. It is recommended if you like Nikon, you should keep a close watch on their website to see what may be in the works, but it does appear to be a Dx5 only better than previous versions.
Canon will release the 6D Mark II in April according to rumors. It will apparently have a dual pixel sensor and a variety of other features that should draw new people back to an old favorite brand. At least that is the goal and we do hope that they will succeed.

New Cameras for 2017

This year has also seen the release of a new, very impressive Olympus camera and a Kodak that has gained fans in a short time. It launched in January and so far, the reviews say that these cameras are well worth waiting for. Most were very impressed with their hands-on experiences at the various shooting stations where they could test it to the full extent. Reviewers also state that they are worth considering if you want high-quality photos and videos to enjoy for the years to come.

Do You Want the Best?pentax camera

With all of the major camera brands constantly pushing the envelope to see what they can do next; this year promises to provide some of the
best cameras ever. Are you going to be one of the first ones to own a new camera with the ability to work as both a camera and a video camera? You do not have to be a professional photographer to want quality. You are entitled to quality. Therefore, our suggestion is for you to visit as many different launches as you can, especially if you are not devoted to a particular brand, and take a look at all the features that are now available. If you are a devoted fan to one manufacturer; you will simply have to find a local launch in your area or read the reviews about it from a launch that has already taken place.