Camera Techniques

natural camera photoOnce you have found the camera you want at a launch event; you will need to brush up on what to do with it. Luckily, every new piece of technology makes it easier to capture those amazing photographs that everyone wants to capture. The thing is; you still have to find the subject and know the angles that will make it look as good as the camera can make it appear. For that reason, we are going to talk a little about some techniques that are very popular with both amateur and professional photographers.

Keep Things Natural

Have you ever taken a photo of a dog or a child and have them looking off into the distance? Have you ever noticed that unplanned photos are best? That is because when a photo is natural, it somehow becomes more appealing and alive. Therefore, it is important that you know; not all photos have to be staged. Instead of asking your child to stand still and smile, talk to them while holding your camera and take random photos of them telling you a story or a joke. If you are a street photographer, introduce yourself to a subject and ask them about their life. They will open up to you and you will get livelier pictures of them. It also helps to find an amazing background and wait on a subject to walk into the photo.

camera natural photosUse Your Flash

Most people think that flash is only for low light settings, but this is not true. A camera flash can bring a subject more clearly into focus against the background of your image; even when the sun is shining brightly. This is because you will always have shadows and light or dark areas on a person’s face when they are in the sun. It is something that can turn a great photo into something not so great.

Try a Different POV

Think about photos that you take. Most people tend to stand at their normal height and face a target head on. In some cases, this works well, but in other situations; you could be missing out on something that will make the photo more interesting. By squatting down and looking up at a target you are getting a different perspective. If you move to the side, you will be getting another view of the same subject. All of these little changes can expose you to something that you may not have noticed before and it will come shining through in your photograph.

black and white camera filterUse Your Filters

Pretty much every camera technique website or training course out there will talk about the filters that are available on cameras today. Natural color photos are beautiful, but black and white photos will create a more dynamic photo. The same is true for sepia and all other filters. Ideally, you will try them all on any given subject to see what you can find and what you like the best in a certain situation.

Owning a new camera means that you will have a lot to learn. These basic tips will help you get the most out of a camera that you fell in love with at a camera launching event and will ensure that your investment pays off in the form of beautiful memories captured.