Application after open enrollment expires

Medicare policy A and B covers most of the medical expenses. But even then there are certain expenses which are exempted from the aforementioned policies such as copayments, deductibles and so on. These payments have to be paid right out of the pocket which can get difficult. Why not get a quote for a 2019 Medicare supplement plan to assist in payment of such expenses.

The optimum time to get registered for Medigap policy is during the open enrollment phase which starts after enrollment into Plan B of the original Medicare plan and continues up to six months. However, due to any reason, it is possible that a person is unable to enroll for Medicare supplement plans during the specified period.

After the expiration of the enrollment period, there will be no guarantee that the insurance company will sell the Medicare supplement plans. There is a medical underwriting requirement which needs to be fulfilled to get the Medigap policy unless under the below-mentioned situations:

  • Due to disability or ESRD:

In case, the person is suffering from ESRD (End-stage Renal Disease) or some disability, Medicare supplement plans cannot be bought until 65 years of age. Some states provide rights to everyone less than 65 years of age. Rest of the states provides these rights only to people dealing with disability or ESRD.

  • Health problems:

The insurance company can deny selling the Medigap policy if the person is suffering from health issues except when under the enrollment period. It should be taken into notice that any insurance company does not have the liberty to do the following in case there are any health issues involved and the enrollment period is still going on:

  • Refuse to sell Medigap policy.
  • Charge more for the same Medigap policy
  • Ask you to wait till the coverage starts

Medicare supplement Plans for 2019

  • Pre-existing condition:

Any out-of-pocket expenses due to pre-existing health problems will be excluded from coverage. Anyhow, after six months even these expenses will be included and can be excluded if the condition has been treated or diagnosed. All the normal expenses related to this pre-existing is included in Medicare-covered services except for coinsurance and copayments.

Replacement of “creditable coverage” and pre-existing condition:

If there have been 6 months of continuous “creditable coverage” and any break has not been more than 63 days than the insurance companies cannot make any person wait for the coverage.

  • Other insurance:

Medicare supplement plans are applicable only if there are no other insurances from the employer and start with the enrollment into Plan B.

  • Guaranteed issue right:

The insurance company cannot use a pre-existing condition waiting period if the person has a subscription to any Medigap policy as it has a guaranteed issue right.